Community Connections

Ofakim Seminary values the wider community and places strong emphasis on contributing one’s strengths and talents to others. The Seminary encourages each student to take part in one or more of the special community projects developed by the faculty to assist the Ofakim community and beyond.

Chavatzelet HaDarom

Children’s Learning & Enrichment Center
At Chavatzelet HaDarom, children suffering from assorted disabilities and deficiencies benefit from a professional evaluation, emotional therapy, tutoring, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy. The assorted therapies are dispensed by a professional team of the Seminary’s teachers and alumnae who specialize in these fields of special education.
At present, the Learning & Enrichment Center avails services to approximately 200 children.

Alta Nitzah

Special Program for Immigrants
A special absorption and acclimation program geared to immigrant young women ages 18-20. The immigrants attend a special Mechinah (introductory) program and join the Seminary for social and recreational events, including Shabbatons, parties, etc. Many of the program alumnae continue their studies in the Seminary.

Helping at Home

Volunteering with Families
This volunteer program assists disadvantaged families in a variety of realms. The program spans regular home visits as well as special projects and activities throughout the year.

Home Horizons

Special Education Students
Heartwarming project in which students in our Special Education track volunteer with children with disabilities on weekends. The program grants the students practical experience in the field while simultaneously providing a well-deserved break to families coping with the challenge of raising a child with special needs.

Pedagogy Center

Computer Center for Teachers & Students
The Pedagogy Center serves the Seminary’s students along with preschool and elementary school teachers in Israel’s Southern district. The adjacent workshop area and playroom feature a wealth of research papers, games and fascinating ideas developed by Ofakim students and alumnae. With permission and guidance from the Pedagogy Center staff, guests are welcome to make use of the materials to create their own learning and teaching portfolios. The Center also hosts special events and programs for parents that present innovative ideas and tips regarding teaching children to acquire new skills. This project was founded and developed by Ofakim Seminary students.

Mentoring Project

Partially funded by the Perach National Tutorial Project
Every seminary student is paired with a student from one of the elementary schools in Ofakim (following the teacher’s recommendation.) The pair meets twice a week for two hours, as well for seasonal parties, trips and special events arranged by Perach.

Art Therapy

Art Therapy Students
Art Therapy at Ofakim Seminary is a program inviting students with emotional difficulties to exploit the world of art in order to express their strengths and talents outside of the classroom. The program is largely subsidized and therapy is offered for a nominal fee.

English Program

English Program Students
Ofakim’s English Program is geared to students from Ofakim and the periphery towns who are struggling in English class and whose parents are unable to assist them. The learning sessions take place in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and are geared to the child’s level and difficulties.

Tzedakah Fair

Annual Event Produced by Ofakim Seminary students
The Fair invites the children of Ofakim to enjoy a dazzling spectrum of fun and special activities, many of which are products of the girls’ study tracks. This event is one of the central community events in Ofakim and eagerly anticipated by all, especially given the distance from the city to the metropolitan centers in Israel.