Learning Resources

The Seminary features a wide variety of special learning resources to support our students through their vocational training. The resources are availed for students’ use during school and afterschool hours in order to facilitate study, practice, and theoretical training.


The Ofakim Seminary Library encompasses hundreds of books, journals and media on a range of Jewish topics. The library is updated frequently and newly-published materials are regularly added to promote study and awareness of a wide range of topics. The library also functions as a comfortable, enjoyable spot for independent or shared study.

Pedagogy Center

The Pedagogy Center features extensive professional literature along with a wide assortment of learning aids designed to assist our teachers-in-training expand their knowledge, build and plan lessons.


Students are welcome to purchase and/or make use of assorted teaching materials in order to prepare a fascinating array of material and learning aids for their students.

Computer Lab

Ofakim Seminary boasts 5 computer labs reserved for independent study and drilling. Each computer is outfitted with an information system that is availed for students’ use.

Professional Equipment Lending Center

Our professional equipment center features a large assortment of advanced technology that students are permitted to use in the course of their studies. The equipment includes sound recorders, photography equipment, projectors, etc.