Intrinsic aspects of the unique educational experience in Ofakim Seminary are the spirited, warm and close-knit social atmosphere that prevails on campus and the enormous efforts and investment into social and recreational activities that build and enrich the young women’s characters and personal worlds. At Ofakim, our goal is to instill Jewish educational and moral values through a variety of methods and resources, and to enable every young woman to realize and manifest her unique strengths and talents.

Seminars & Workshops

Discussion Groups & Philosophical Enrichment
• During the month of Elul and in preparation for the New Year and Yomim Nora’im, daily lectures are given by distinguished Rabbanim and lecturers, including members of Ofakim’s illustrious faculty and guest speakers.
• Throughout the year, discussion groups and workshops are held on a wide variety of riveting hashkafic topics such as the essence of a Jewish woman, the Torah home, Jewish music, etc. Similarly, special lectures and workshops are held on important topics in Jewish law including kashrus; checking food for insects; shaatnez, etc.
• Project Chen Special Seminars & Workshops (see below)

Special Activities

Rosh Chodesh, Trips & Graduation
• Rosh Chodesh – Every month, the Seminary hosts a special Rosh Chodesh activity abounding with music and song that corresponds to the essence and spirit of the time.
• Trips – Twice a year, our students set out on memorable field trips that take them across the country and create special memories and friendships.
• Production – Marking the end of the year and Graduation, the girls produce a breathtaking musical and artistic performance for mothers and faculty.

Masa Ofakim


Dormitory Activities & Shabbos in Seminary
Every week, a recreational/inspirational activity is hosted in the Dormitory, uniting the girls and their counselors for an enjoyable evening, round-table discussion or guest lecturer. Shabbatons are held twice a month and feature uplifted Shabbos meals replete with singing, lectures, panels or round-table discussions with a Rabbi or guest speaker.

Project Chen

Priming students to enter the working world
Project Chen at Ofakim Seminary is a unique program that prepares our students and equips them with vital knowledge, tools and insights necessary to enter the working world. The program is divided into weekly lectures and workshops and delivered by trained vocational counselors who address crucial issues arising in the contemporary working world: Media and technology; hilchos yichud and kashrus; employment conditions; employees’ rights; opening a private business, etc. In addition to the weekly session, the program also features several full-day workshops and seminars.

Talent Fair

Partially funded by Perach Tutorial Project
The Ofakim Talent Fair is an exhibition and sale of items produced by the seminary girls. Preparations for the Fair and event itself are a wonderful opportunity for the girls to demonstrate their talents and abilities, shine, and make friends. All proceeds from the event benefit disadvantaged kallahs, alumnae of Ofakim.